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Our service is simple and to the point. We transform your home garage in 3 easy steps.
Our garage cleaning team will take everything out of your garage, we will then make sure to detail all the small areas where the hardest dirt and bugs hide.
We will put your unnecessary “stuff” in big bags for you.
After the detailed clean-up, we will organize your garage into a more functional space…then you can now relax and enjoy your new space.

About Us

ESTABLISHED IN 2012 was born out of our Media Distribution business that takes us all across the USA. In every city and state we would see the same problem, messy and cluttered garages.

Homeowners would stop and ask us if we knew of a service that would be able to help solve their problem. was born!
Naturally, time is everyone’s most valued asset.  A clean garage solves your problem and gives you back valuable space that you are under utilizing due to an unclean and unorganized garage.  Allow weCleanGarages to save you time and the agony of such a daunting task of cleaning and organizing your garage.

What Clients Say

I have to say I was sooooooo very happy to come home to a beautiful, clean and organized garage. I am relieved to have this off of my “to do” list. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!”
Thea W
Cannot say enough about the amazing customer service and the staff who came to take care the garage !!! I’m posting before-and-after shortly —something I thought couldn’t get done in three days was possible!! I would recommend them highly!!!
Partizia B
You guys did in 2 hours what I would not be able to do in 2 months! Amazing service, amazing crew. Hauled all trash to the alley and took away all donations. I have nothing left to do but thank you!!
Cindy O, Great Job!
Wow!! Solomon and his crew were amazing!!! Very professional, fast and organized. I am soooo happy with the outcome. Thanks again!!
Ivanna V, Fabulous Work
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